Robert Estrin - piano expert

How to choose which repertoire to study

Selecting the correct music to play according to your skill level

In this video, Robert gives you an easy way to select your own repertoire according to your skill level, which will help you avoid struggles, frustration, and wasting time.

Released on April 9, 2014

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David Faulk on April 9, 2014 @6:14 am PST
Mr Estrtin
What would you suggest as material for someone needing to retrain the left hand and basics of playing? Suggested scale and technique books would also be appreciated...Thank you
Robert - host, on April 9, 2014 @10:18 am PST
The appropriate repertoire or exercises are directly related to your level of playing. Slow scales and arpeggios played in both hands up and down the keyboard 4 octaves in all major and minor keys is excellent for building strength and endurance in both hands. Work with the metronome and gradually increase speed.

There are etudes that favor the left hand such as Chopin's Revolutionary. On a more intermediate level you could work on Burgmullur Ballade from Easy and Progressive Studies, 25 - Op.100. (both of which are available on Virtual Sheet Music).
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