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Easy Duets

by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, transcription for flute and trumpet

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This is a Virtual Sheet Music high quality digital item that includes:

This item contains one high quality PDF sheet music file ready to download and print.   This item contains two or more Mp3 audio files ready to download and play.   This item contains two or more MIDI audio files ready to download and play. Download the complete .zip file for this item.

"Very good duets for children playing flute and trumpet. Not to difficult and clear. I recommend it !" [show more]

About Easy Duets:

High quality Digital sheet music for flute and trumpet, K487

This item includes: PDF (digital sheet music to download and print), MIDI and Mp3 audio files (including Mp3 music accompaniment tracks to play along)*
Genre: classical, children
Skill Level: easy
Pages: 15 (actual music: 12 pages)
This item is also available for other instruments or in different versions:

Content details (with audio previews):
Duet 1
Duet 2
Duet 3
Duet 4
Duet 5
Duet 6
Duet 7
Duet 8
Duet 9
Duet 10
Duet 11
Duet 12
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Reviews about Easy Duets:

Rating: 5 great piece ! by on March 9, 2016 @2:01 pm PST
Very good duets for children playing flute and trumpet. Not to difficult and clear. I recommend it !
Rating: 4 Great opportunites for unlike duets! by on January 16, 2015 @6:07 am PST
Great book of opportunity for unlike duets!! And what a very reasonable cost - Thank you.
Rating: 5 Good Stuff! by on April 19, 2012 @10:47 am PST
Very good book. Not extremely easy or dumbed down, but simplified. The two music lines are thoughtfully intertwined. I will definitely be using this in performance.
Rating: 5 Mozart Duet by on December 18, 2011 @2:17 am PST
Thank you - your site provides access to very clear and readable music. A great pleasure.
We bought these duets so that my daughter (a student of trumpet) and I (flute) could play duets together. We were so excited to have music to play for this strange combination that we started to play as soon as we printed the music. It sounded nice, but after 3 measures, someone else - our dog- joined in! He thoroughly enjoyed adding his voice to our duet!
Rating: 4 Easy to play both for trumpet and flute by on April 7, 2010 @3:21 am PST
The individual duets are not to complex in structure and thus allow both players to quickly learn them and play them together. Between the different pieces there is not too much variation, but sufficient to not make them sound alike. Some of the duets are playable for advanced beginners, others require more skills.
Overall a very satisfying book if you look for a few pieces that you can quickly learn and present with this unusual combination of instruments.
Rating: 5 Awesome! by on February 17, 2010 @7:08 pm PST
My friend and I played song number 5 for a winter concert as a duet. I must say, we sounded really great! Afterwords, everyone was telling us how good we were. There isn't much music for this combo of instruments, much less something that actually sounds good. I highly recomend this for anyone.
Rating: 5 Very Good by on September 4, 2009 @3:47 am PST
I got this for my friend and I to be able to keep our skills sharp. We have been playing for three years but have not had a reason to play for 2.The duets are fun and easy to learn, but sound difficult and are diverse enough that it never gets boring!
Rating: 5 What you see is what you get by on May 14, 2009 @12:12 pm PST
My fiance used to play the trumpet, I used to play the flute, so I thought it'd be fun to get some duet music for his birthday. There isn't much for this unusual instrument pairing, and perhaps the pairing isn't ideal in terms of balance, but this collection of duets has been lots of fun for us. It gave us both a reason to get our instruments out again.
Rating: 5 good stuff by on August 8, 2008 @8:32 pm PST
the music is really fun and very easy to find i was very surprised to find these duets. for these instruments.
Rating: 5 flute ;& ttrumpet by on September 1, 2006 @5:27 am PST
I was looking for some flute & trumpet duets and found this - nice - thanks

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* Included Mp3 files are not real recordings, they are made by high quality sampled instruments and are intended for educational and informative purposes only (learn more...)

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