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Rating: 4 trumpet duets- baroque by Richard Cox on August 21, 2010 @3:22 am PST
Very straightforward, however; in the main quite dull and repetative. Of course, some of this is due to the original composer, not the vendor!
Rating: 5 i love it by B.Vasko on August 20, 2006 @5:15 pm PST
i dont want to brag but i am the best tuba in my school and i have been playing for 4 months, anyway, it is an awesome mixture, and i can play it with my dad!He plays flugel horn.I think it is good for any tuba and trumpet.
Rating: 4 Good Duet by Bill on May 29, 2006 @10:34 pm PST
The music is good however it is fairly difficult to play. The parts run fairly low for the tuba and the trumpet player has to have endurance if all 12 duets are played in one sitting. Other than that they are good excersices for the two instruments.
Rating: 4 Tuba/ Trumpet by Peter on March 30, 2006 @6:33 pm PST
Sounds good, but a bit high for beginning trumpeters

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