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Saint Saens The Swan cello and piano sheet music - Video Score
http://www.virtualsheetmusic.com/video14 Virtual Sheet Music presents the famous Saint Saens The Swan for cello and piano. Subscribe to our channel to watch weekly Video Scores from our high quality sheet music collection. This Video Score is about Piano sheet music and related MP3 files. It gives you the opportunity to play the music directly from your...
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How to Approach The Swan by Saint-Saens
How to Approach The Swan by Saint-Saens

In this video, Prof. Mendoes talks about the well-known piece by Saint-Saens, "The Swan", and how to approach it. I am sure you'll find this video simply remarkable.

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Added Nov 5, 2014

What strings to use on the cello
What strings to use on the cello

In this video, Prof. Mendoes talks about strings and their peculiar differences. He also gives you practical tips to choose the right strings for your cello playing.

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Added Jun 1, 2016

Shifting on the Cello
Shifting on the Cello

In this video, Joseph approaches the shifting technique on the cello, and gives you an extensive lesson on how to master it correctly from the beginning.

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Added May 7, 2014

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Reviews about The Swan:

Rating: 4 The Swan (New Edition) by on March 30, 2013 @10:04 am PST
A nice arrangement. The piano accompaniment was different that I anticipated. I reviewed the piano part before I purchased and I thought the part was nicely arranged so I gave it a try. After rehearsing with the pianist, I felt the piano part was too far from what I wanted. This is not the fault of Virtual Sheet Music: totally my fault. Next time, I 'll stick to the traditional versions.
Rating: 4 Very nice, but... by on February 18, 2013 @2:35 am PST
...why don't you offer it for double-bass and piano too? Many double-bassists like to play it and it isn't always very nice to have to buy cello scores, even though there wouldn't be much difference.

In general on your site, it would be nice if you offered more for double-bass. That's why I removed a star.
Rating: 5 The Swan by on December 14, 2009 @6:07 am PST
Not so challenging technically, but don't let that convince you that it's an easy thing to play. Getting the sound is the hardest part. This piece is all feeling. It's really difficult in that respect. Really, amazing, beautiful melody. I'm completely in love with it.
Rating: 4 The Swan by on November 26, 2009 @2:42 pm PST
An Iconic Cello perfomance piece.
A must have
Rating: 5 The Swan by on April 20, 2009 @6:09 am PST
Nice arrangement for cello and piano. Fairly simple techniquely, interpreting the music is the hardest part. Very beautful music, great for an encore.
Rating: 5 The Swan on strings by on April 3, 2009 @3:52 am PST
I love this piece of music very much. I have started learning the cello only four months back and am finding this to be one of the most soothing and expressive pieces ever written for the cello. I like the middle part of the piece where the composer does a ritardando on the F and augments it with a F#. I hope to be able to play this in another three months.

I'm from India and in the city where I come from there are just about 8-10 cellists who play professionally and I'm grateful to be able to learn from one of them. We must take sincere efforts to bring back the mother of all forms of music (Western Classical) back to where she belonged.

A personal suggestion on the downloadable version....The font for the piano score is very small. If that can be increased a little it would be great. Thank you..
Rating: 5 Excellent quality by on February 8, 2009 @7:54 am PST
Excellent, the mp3 sounds really fake, would have been nice to have a real recording, but the quality of the sheet music is excellent.
Rating: 5 "The Swan" for piano and cello by on June 18, 2008 @7:07 am PST
I chose this piece of music because a friend of mine wants me to play a piano/cello duet with her (she's the cellist). The piece is well-known, beautiful and adapts perfectly to these two instruments. The layout is clear for both instruments, with the added bonus of a separate 'learning' page for the cello. I was very impressed with the clarity when I printed it out. I would use the service again.
Rating: 5 The Swan (Carnaval of the Animals) by on March 27, 2008 @11:35 am PST
I bo't this to play with my granddaughter who is a beginning 'cello player. I think it will be easy for her to read, but challenging to play legato.
The music is easy to read & clear.
Rating: 5 Thanks by on February 14, 2008 @3:17 am PST
I needed this piece for one of my students recently to perform at a year 12 Prefect Investiture in Brisbane Australia. The music was easy to down load. But my student managed to get the piece from a University library anyway! But great to know I can find special pieces very quickly.

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