Lora Staples - beginning violin and fiddle expert

How to apply open strings "drones" to fiddle tunes

A practical trick to improve your fiddle performance

In this video, Lora tells you how to apply open strings, so called "drones", for an impressive, engaging fiddle performance.

Released on June 5, 2013

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Comments, Questions, Requests:

Angela on April 3, 2015 @4:50 pm PST
Great help! Thanks a lot
Lora * VSM MEMBER * on April 3, 2015 @5:37 pm PST
Thanks for watching, Angela! Happy fiddling!
Gail White * VSM MEMBER * on July 26, 2013 @5:03 pm PST
Can the mp3 files be downloaded to an external hard drive for saving?
What is the difference between mp3 and midi files?
Fabrizio Ferrari - moderator and CEO, on July 28, 2013 @4:45 pm PST
Hi Gail and thank you for your comment.

If you are inquiring about the Mp3 files we offer together with our digital sheet music on this site, yes, they can be downloaded. You can try with our free titles from the following page:


The difference between Mp3 and MIDI files is that whereas the first are real audio recordings, the latter include just "notes" that must be played by your computer through a MIDI program which reads the notes and plays the corresponding sounds. MIDI files best features are the ability to change the playback tempo, transpose the music and change the played instrument in a easy way.

Please, let me know if you have more questions. Thank you again.
Gail White * VSM MEMBER * on July 28, 2013 @7:30 pm PST
Thank you for your quick reply. I've down loaded the Mp3 files and have been "trying" to play along with the fiddle music I downloaded, but I don't play as fast as Lola does. Is there a way to slow down the track just a little. Thanks in advance. BTW I have Google Chrome on my computers so Scorce doesn't work for us.
Fabrizio Ferrari - moderator and CEO, on July 29, 2013 @7:34 am PST
You are very welcome!

Have you tried the "slower" Mp3 accompaniment files? Those are 20% slower than the actual speed files. Of those are still too fast, you may want to download the MIDI files instead and play them with a MIDI player in order to slow down the tempo as you like. With MIDI files you can easily mute the violin part and let the computer play the piano part only.

As for Scorch, I am sorry, I know that it doesn't work on Chrome (despite a new compatible version should come out soon!). I would advise to use Internet Explorer temporarily to enjoy Scorch files that are great for study purposes.

Please, let me know if you need further help, I will be happy to assist you again.

Richard * VSM MEMBER * on June 7, 2013 @7:35 am PST
What Improvement with Golden Slippers!
Lora - host, on June 7, 2013 @7:31 pm PST
Yes, the smallest little thing, like drones, can transform the song!
Excellent lesson, dear Lora !! I will start fiddling right away with your suggested drones. Keep teaching, please !
Lora - host, on June 11, 2013 @12:05 pm PST
Thanks for the feedback and kind words, Juan! I will keep teaching!
Elizabeth * VSM MEMBER * on June 5, 2013 @7:25 am PST
Will learning to play drones on purpose help with my problem of sometimes playing more than one string when I really only want one string?
Lora - host, on June 5, 2013 @11:36 am PST
Great question! Well.....I do not believe playing 2 strings on purpose will help you learn to play 1 string without snagging extras......UNLESS you learn to play long bows on 2 strings in a PIANISSIMO. By doing that, you force yourself to be SUPER precise, because you cannot use bow weight to help "grab" the other string.....it's all done by PRECISION in a pianissimo. So, YES, practicing 2 string drones in a pianissimo will improve your string accuracy. Good luck!
Richard Owen * VSM MEMBER * on June 10, 2013 @12:13 pm PST
I am busy with Unit # 4. Since I finish with Turkey in the Straw.
i will look at other tips later. Right now I had to clean the build up
on my bow. The usal student problems. I did well on my favorite tune
'Turkey In the Straw.'
Richard Owen * VSM MEMBER * on June 17, 2013 @7:47 pm PST
Are those open String Drones, the same as Double Stops? Another
words they sound good as Fiddle tune is beautified .

I need to practice double Stops. You have not mentioned much of these.
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