Lora Staples - beginning violin and fiddle expert

Tonalizations for a perfect intonation

Learn how to accomplish perfect intonation on the violin

In this video, Lora tackles the so-called "tonalizations," a well-known term in the Suzuki method, which may be your definitive way to a perfect intonation on the violin. I, personally, have used them my entire life to accomplish the so-called "perfect intonation!"

Released on December 4, 2013

DISCLAIMER: The views and the opinions expressed in this video are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Virtual Sheet Music and its employees.
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Annie Gomez on June 10, 2019 @10:24 am PST
love the video but what notes would this be on the viola ?
Lora * VSM MEMBER * on June 11, 2019 @5:41 pm PST
Hi Annie!
Ok, so on viola, you would start 3rd finger on your G string. (C)
Then play
C (3 on G), E (1 on D), G (3 on D), C (2 on A), D (3 on A), E 4 on A),
D (3 on A), C (2 on A), G (3 on D), A (4 on D), G (3 on D), E (1 on D), C (3 on G), G (open), E (2 on C), G (4 on C), C (open)
Good luck!
Nedra Gallagher on October 25, 2016 @1:53 pm PST
Fabulous video! Love your teaching style--clear, logical, practical and artistic! "Pitch" is my biggest ditch, and I think this exercise on tonality will really, really help! Also, do you have any tips for translating your lessons to the viola.
Mariko * VSM MEMBER * on June 9, 2016 @1:56 pm PST
Thanks so much for this great video!! I started today with the Tonalization exercises and I can tell you that this is going to help me so much! I had done them before with the Suzuki Books but I had never focused on this very much. Now I will do and I hope my intonation will improve soon. :-
Lora * VSM MEMBER * on June 7, 2019 @10:12 am PST
Hi Mariko,
I'm glad to hear that you'll give Tonalizations a try! When you truly hit a ringy note, there is NO DOUBT that you hit it. So when in doubt, it means you haven't hit the bullseye.
One piece of advice: play tonalizations LOUDLY. Playing loud gives us more aural feedback and makes your violin REALLY RING.
Good luck!
Diana Jarnutowski on February 24, 2015 @9:21 am PST
Thank you so very much for your reply. I have ordered Suzuki book 1 and it should be here by the end of this week or next week. After last night's practice session, I feel like, well, it went very poorly. So, I am rather down in the dumps today, but will pick up Herkermer (violin's name), and we shall begin again. I will be signing up shortly. AND yes I would be very interested in becoming a hotshot anything. Fiddling would be nice. Tuned in to the one that comes on your fiddling site forgot his name. Well, it sounded as wonderful to me as Mozart or Vivaldi. Thank you so very much once again.
Lora * VSM MEMBER * on February 27, 2015 @8:18 am PST
Hi Diana
You will have those frustrating days.....but you will also have days where victory is yours! You just have to keep coming back to Herkermer (love that name), and keep working at it. Everything in life that is worthwhile is a challenge....which is what makes it worthwhile!
Diana Jarnutowski on February 21, 2015 @10:06 am PST
I am coming back to studying violin after an absence of 10mo due to left shoulder surgery. I have studied for 2 to 3 years prior to this. I am considering "signing up" but is it essential for one to spend 7mo just on book one? Can one advance at their own pace as long as the technique is learned properly? Also, upon the completion of book one, do you instruct for book 2 and beyond? I have been grocking your on-line videos and lovin' it . Please let me know how you feel about advancing at ones own abilities.
Lora * VSM MEMBER * on February 23, 2015 @3:35 pm PST
Hi Diana
Yes, I can definitely accommodate your personal needs as far as the pace of going through the Suzuki Book 1 class.
Once you sign up, simply email me, and I will take care of you. I do not publicly offer this option, because it is only for people who TRULY have some formal training already.
I do recommend that you review my Suzuki Book 1 class, and then YES! By all means, take my Suzuki Book 2 class! It is my best yet!
If you are interested in being a hot shot fiddler, I have a fiddle class as well, and soon, very soon......I will be unveiling Suzuki Book 3!

Go ahead and sign up through the link on Virtual Sheet Music below:


I appreciate their referrals very much. Then, email me, and we will get you going!

Nice to meet you, and I hope to see you in the studio soon!

Karen Wenzel on March 29, 2014 @4:54 pm PST
I am not finding the "tonalization" sheet referenced in your video here at Virtual Sheet Music. Can you help?
Fabrizio Ferrari - moderator and CEO, on March 31, 2014 @9:16 am PST
Hi Karen. You can download the PDF file of that mentioned sheet directly from the same link shown on the video:


Please, let me know if you need further help, I will be happy to assist you.
Karen Wenzel on March 31, 2014 @10:25 pm PST
Thank you so much, this worked perfectly. I was attempting to find it listed amongst the musical offerings and couldn't find it. Again, thank you for your help.
Fabrizio Ferrari - moderator and CEO, on April 1, 2014 @11:29 am PST
Dear Karen, you are very welcome!

Thank you again!
Trina * VSM MEMBER * on December 11, 2013 @8:18 am PST
Thank you so much for this!!! This was new information for me. It was always obvious to me to hear the ringing tone of the 3rd finger placed on the A and D strings in 1st position but had never thought about the first finger on the G, D and A strings resonating. In fact I'm aware of sometimes being slightly off intonation-wise when playing a first finger B on the A string- and frustrated as to why- You've given me a solution to this problem!!
Lora - host, on December 11, 2013 @10:37 am PST
Hi Trina
I'm so glad you will benefit from the exercise as I did! B is a tricky note, but it sounds like you are hearing it just fine! Keep up the good work.
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