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Tips for Improving Stage Presence - Take Time Between Bows

Another tip from Robert Estrin for improving your musical performance through audience engagement

In this 4th video about Improving Stage Presence, Robert tackles the bow action at the end of any performance, with an easy, yet often overlooked, tip.

Released on August 20, 2014

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Video Transcription

Hi, I'm Robert Estrin here at and with the fourth in a series in tips for your stage presence. That's right. We covered several last time. First of all, taking your time so the audience can adjust, making eye contact as well as not showing your mistakes, so they're comfortable and they can enjoy the performance.

Today we're going to talk about something that's kind of related to the first subject, but it's a little bit different and that is take your time between bows. That's right. I've seen so many people, they get up there, they do a bow, it almost, looks like a machine, like some kind of puppet doll. It seems like a mechanical gesture.

What is a bow? Why do you bow? I know that teaching youngsters to bow, sometimes they feel really, really uncomfortable like it's showing off or something. But it's exactly the opposite. Bowing is a way of thanking the audience for the applause because if you just stand there while they're clapping and clapping, you could just go, "Oh yeah?" That is kind of smug. When you bow, you're humbling yourself to your audience and showing the appreciation you have.

But equally important is to look at your audience between bows. Stand there so they can see you, they can see your face, look into your eyes. Feel connected. So don't feel hurry between your bows. You don't have to be bowing the whole time you're there, you'll end up looking like, a mechanical doll instead of a human being, thanking the audience, which is all that a bow is.

Thanks so much for joining me and look forward for the last of the five tips next time here on and
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