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About Roy Sonne
Roy SonneMost people retire seeking a more relaxed pace, but not Roy Sonne! Since his "early" retirement after 28 years as a violinist with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, and 20 years as the Music Director of the Edgewood Symphony, he hasn't missed a beat in supporting, teaching, and inspiring musicians of all ages and skill levels. Besides maintaining an active, home studio for private instruction, Roy created the School of Violin Artistry, which is committed to "Finding the Pathway between technique and musical expression" through a series of instructional videos. He offers clinics and workshops for high school string players and community orchestras, and founded Pittsburgh's Orchestra on the Hill, which is modeled after a successful after-school music program for impoverished youth in Venezuela. He periodically travels to Bolivia where he offers educational and developmental opportunities to encourage a thriving string tradition where he served as the National Symphony Orchestra's Concert Master and Conductor in the early days of his career.

After studying at the New England Conservatory, Mannes College of Music, and Ohio State University, Roy appeared as violin soloist throughout South and Central America. In the U.S., he was a member of the Columbus String Quartet, and served on the music faculty at Wittenberg University.

Roy continues to give recitals, perform concertos, conduct, play chamber music, and even provides skillful piano accompaniment for other violinists. He has recently found his way onto the jazz scene, playing gypsy jazz with the "hot Club of Pittsburgh." He also founded Strings Without Boundaries - a strings and fiddling camp that introduces other classically-trained musicians to the rich, vibrant world of jazz.
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Lalchhandami on April 16, 2022 @8:41 am PST
Could you make more videos regarding different types of bow strokes and how to work the hand and fingers... Thank you
Fabrizio Ferrari - moderator and CEO, on April 16, 2022 @1:39 pm PST
Thank you for your inquiry to Roy. Unfortunately, Roy is currently not making new videos for us. I suggest posting your inquiry to our violin expert Prof. Fitzpatrick:

Please, let me know if you have any further questions.

All the best,
Marguerite on January 13, 2021 @2:35 am PST
Hi Roy,
I too would be interested in the double stop section and look forward to the video. Thank you so much for the lesson.
Renee * VSM MEMBER * on February 21, 2018 @7:01 pm PST
Hi Roy, I loved your Accolay video. In it you say you will address the double stop section on the first page in a separate video, however, I haven't been able to find that video. Could you tell me where to look?
Roy Sonne - host, on February 22, 2018 @6:58 am PST
Hi Renee -- many thanks for your appreciative comment. I haven't made that last video segment yet. I'll keep you posted. Best wishes for violinistic fulfillment. Roy
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