William Fitzpatrick - violin expert

Achieving Great Intonation - Part 2

Second video about achieving the perfect pitch on the violin.

In this video, Prof. Fitzpatrick gives you an effective, error-free approach to scales and intervals on the violin.

Released on February 19, 2014

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Tyler on August 23, 2015 @3:20 pm PST
Could you explain why you would use the pattern h-w-w? Did you know you were going to play the b-flat-major scale and decide to use the pattern h-w-w. Why not have position 1 at b-flat and use the w-w-h pattern through out?
William - host, on August 24, 2015 @8:47 am PST
Great question! The 2-1-2-3-4 or h-w-w series is the one we seem to use more than the 2-1-1-2-3-4 or w-w-h series. One reason for this is the position of the elbow in the 2-1-1-2 etc because of the 1/2 step between 3 & 4. Because of this it is harder to move rapidly and a bit more difficult with pitch. I hope that this starts at least to answer your very astute question! Thanks WF
Elizabeth * VSM MEMBER * on February 25, 2014 @8:16 pm PST
Thank you. This is a good next segment from the first video on intonation.
William - host, on February 26, 2014 @8:19 pm PST
Thanks! And there are more to come!
Annette Brower on February 19, 2014 @1:32 pm PST
Request: How do you produce a smooth bow direction change?
William - host, on February 26, 2014 @8:18 pm PST
Good topic! Will reply with a video!
Lois Owsley * VSM MEMBER * on February 19, 2014 @10:40 am PST
Great explanation of intonation, William!
William - host, on February 26, 2014 @8:18 pm PST
Lois Owsley * VSM MEMBER * on March 1, 2014 @3:31 pm PST
I'm sending your videos to all my students!
William - host, on March 2, 2014 @10:47 am PST
Thats wonderful! I'm so pleased that they are helpful!!!
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