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Virtual Sheet Music iPad/iPhone viewer videos
New iPad sheet music viewer

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Please Note: These videos are for App version 4.2 or lower. If you have an newer version of the application, you might want to watch the latest version videos instead. Thanks!
VIDEO 1: Overview
VIDEO 1: Overview
Learn the basics - App version 4.0-4.2

Learn the basic operations of the application. Learn how to browse the Library; how the content is organized in main folders (My Music, VSM Catalog, and New Music) and sub-folders; and how to easily find what you're looking for. [Watch the video]

VIDEO 2: Search Feature
VIDEO 2: Search Feature
How to search for your preferred music - App version 4.0-4.2

Learn how to search for specific items by using the built-in search engine, how to use keywords, and how to search inside sub-folders. [Watch the video]

VIDEO 3: Item View
VIDEO 3: Item View
How to interact with the item view - App version 4.0-4.2

Learn how the item view is organized, what information is available, and what the various buttons will allow you to do. Specifically, learn how to display the included music and where to find the included free music; how to login as a Member and download music as a Member; how to retrieve music previously purchased by entering your receipt number; how to access the Options panel; how to send sheet music via email; and how to display sheet music PDF files and listen to Mp3 audio files. [Watch the video]

VIDEO 4: Score View
VIDEO 4: Score View
How to interact with the score viewer - App version 4.0-4.2

Learn how to browse your music; how to turn pages back and forward; how to zoom-in and zoom-out; how to print the score; how to send the score via email from the score view; how to lock your device rotation; how to lock the zoom level; how to make the page fit for the best viewing experience; and how to read music in landscape via the vertical scrolling feature. [Watch the video]

VIDEO 5: Working with Folders
VIDEO 5: Working with Folders
Organize your music with folders - App version 3.0-4.2

Learn how to organize your music with custom folders by creating collections of music as you like. [Watch the video]

VIDEO 6: Seasonal Items
VIDEO 6: Seasonal Items
How to enjoy seasonal items - App version 3.0-4.2

Learn how seasonal item folders are displayed automatically according to the season so you can easily find Christmas Carols, Halloween music, or any other seasonal music displayed automatically inside your application. [Watch the video]

VIDEO 7: Options Panel
VIDEO 7: Options Panel
Learn how the options panel works - App version 3.0-4.2

Learn the functions offered by the options panel, such as how to contact us for assistance or make suggestions using the feedback form; how to identify your application version; how to synch your downloads as a Member; how to activate AirTurn support; how to disable dimming; how to change the vertical scrolling speed of the landscape mode view; and how to activate the page turn lighting effect. [Watch the video]

VIDEO 8: Importing External PDF files
VIDEO 8: Importing External PDF files
Learn how to import external PDF files - App version 3.0-4.2

Learn how to import external PDF files into the application. You can either import files from any websites with Safari or from your computer by using iTunes. [Watch the video]

VIDEO 9: AirTurn
VIDEO 9: AirTurn
See AirTurn in action - App version 3.0 or higher

What is AirTurn? How does it work? This short video gives you a real-life example of the AirTurn bluetooth page turner and how it works under performance conditions. [Watch the video]

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