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Andrew Hamel-Cooke on October 15, 2017 @2:18 am PST
The song you suggest is not a Madness song.

Writer(s): Mark William Bedford, Christopher John Foreman, Michael Barson, Cathal Joseph Smyth, Daniel Mark Woodgate, Lee Jay Thompson, Graham Mcpherson
Fabrizio Ferrari - moderator and CEO, on October 15, 2017 @10:03 am PST
I am sorry for the confusion, I guess we don't have that music then. I'll ask Hal Leonard if they could make it available, and in case, I'll notify you about it. Thank you.
Andrew Hamel-Cooke on October 13, 2017 @6:49 am PST
Can I get sheet music for Madness - In the City
Fabrizio Ferrari - moderator and CEO, on October 13, 2017 @8:39 am PST
Hi Andrew and thank you for your question.

If you are talking about "Inner City", we have a title that could be for you:

Please, let me know if that's the one you are looking for. Thank you again!