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Chaconne sheet music for violin and piano by Tommaso Antonio Vitali, classical score, intermediate skill level
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by Tommaso Antonio Vitali for violin and piano

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User Rating: Rating: 5 (10 user reviews)
"Very good score design. The audio files are very useful for rehearsal." [show more]

About "Chaconne"

Virtual Sheet Music® Premium High-Quality digital sheet music for violin and piano, in G minor, violin fingerings included.

Publisher: Virtual Sheet Music

This item includes: PDF (digital sheet music to download and print), Interactive Sheet Music (for online playing, transposition and printing), Video, MIDI and Mp3 audio files (including Mp3 music accompaniment tracks to play along)*
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violin and piano
digital sheet music
Skill Level:
Key Signature:
G minor
Time Signature:
♩=120 BPM
11' 35"
Parts included:
9 pages [note range]
21 pages [note range]

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Reviews about Chaconne:

Rating: 5 An excellent Chaconne by on June 2020
Very good score design. The audio files are very useful for rehearsal.
Rating: 5 Nice clean copy of lovely piece by  * VSM MEMBER * on November 2018
I learned this piece about 25 years ago and now am reviewing it again, appreciate the nice crisp copy! Wish I could recall where I put some cuts....any suggestions for cuts would be nice to have in the part as a preface. Certainly when I have been a judge for other teacher's yearly assessments & competitions, where time is limited, people have put cuts in this piece (but they do need to practice it all!). Also, I do use vastly different bowings, and I appreciate there is enough room in this edition to mark them in (not so for some of the hard copy editions).
Rating: 5 Excellent by  * VSM MEMBER * on March 2017
I very much like this version of the Vitali Chaconne. At present, however, I have cut a few bars here and there, simply because I have a hard time memorizing long pieces, and so a shortened version that I could cut and paste onto 3 tall pages using a reduced size of font was my intention... where all 3 pages could be opened on the stand. As it is now, it still takes me about 8 and 1/2 minutes to perform those 3 pages. I may make some more cuts. Ideally, I would like to have it on just 2 pages, without a reduced font (which would be easier on the eyes). Pianists usually have someone to turn pages for them, while violinists often don't. I'm hoping to make such additional cuts without destroying the unity of the piece, which may be a feasible objective simply because there is a lot of repetition of passages throughout the piece...I would just take out some of those repetitions. Anyhow, the Chaconne is a most exciting piece, brimming with brilliant and dramatic qualities that can be produced on a good instrument. Indeed, it sounds quite good, even without the piano accompaniment present (I've been recording solo takes of it on a small digital recording machine, using two condenser mikes...a useful exercise that allows one to critically analyze one's own performance objectively). I suppose in some senses, the Vitali Chaconne reminds me of the more famous and much more difficult Bach Chaconne. So much thanks to the editor/arranger of this piece. Excellent job, well done.
Rating: 5 The Ultimate Violin Solo! by  * VSM MEMBER * on February 2010
I fell deeply in love with this intense, and dramatic piece, when I saw "Sarah Chang" play it on YouTube. It floored me! I've since seen others on Youtube, but she's the one born to play that piece. If you haven't seen it,or heard it, be my guest. I hope and pray one day, that I will be able to play that piece a miniscule of what she did with it. T.A.Vitali is a brilliant composer,I wonder what was the inspiration behind this piece?
Rating: 5 Yes! by  * VSM MEMBER * on January 2010
Yes! I am only listening to the preview and I understand why people like it. Never heard of it before! Bet I hear it on the radio tomorrow! I shall download it!
Rating: 5 great piece by on November 2008
I'm 13 and just started to learn this piece. I've been taking lessons since 6 years. It's my favorite piece since 3 years and I've been waiting all this time before my teacher told me to start learning it.
Rating: 5 New piece for me by on September 2007
I heard this piece on the radio. It was new to me and I was pleased to discover that it was baroque which I love trying to play. It is a lovely piece which needs some working at even though I have been playing the violin for a number of years. I am not as proficient as I would like to be and doubt I can really do this Chaconne justice, but will try.
Rating: 5 Chaconne in G- by on April 2007
Just yesterday I saw a spectacular performance of this piece & I was was floored! As soon as I got home I came to this site & downloaded it, although it is a bit beyond my "skill level" I still enjoy trying because it sounds so wonderful! I agree with the previous comment: This song should be on every violinist's dream piece list! I know I have one & this piece is definitely on it!
Rating: 5 Baroque Masterpiece by on January 2007
Vitali's chaconne is one of the most popular solos in the repertoire. rightfully so. this is another piece of this period that seems to transcend its firm base of logic to truly delve into the depths of the spirit. One note for those who are unfamiliar with this work, the chaconne was written for violin with organ accompaniament. some would arrange this as well for orchestra as well as piano, which some may find preferable, though the piano does have a certain richness to add. of course, it is best to follow the composers instructions.
Rating: 5 Chaconne in g minor by on June 2006
This song introduced me to its composer Vitali, and is one of my favorite violin pieces. I was awed by its beauty and bittersweet melody when I first heard it, and immediately wanted to start working on it! This song should be on every violinist's dream piece list!

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