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Grace Wins (COMPLETE)

by Ed Hogan for orchestra/band


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This is a Hal Leonard digital item that includes:

This item contains two or more PDF sheet music files ready to download and print.

About Hogan - Grace Wins (complete collection) for orchestra/band:

Digital sheet music for orchestra/band, complete collection

Contributors to this music title:
Matthew West (artist)

This item includes: PDF (digital sheet music to download and print)
Genre: christian, easter, gospel, sacred
Skill Level: intermediate
Total Pages: 97
This item includes:

 Full Score:

30 pages

 Bb trumpet 1 part:

3 pages

 Bb trumpet 2 part:

3 pages

 Alto sax, sub. trumpet 2 part:

3 pages

 Trombone part:

3 pages

 Tenor sax, sub. trombone part:

3 pages

 Bari sax part:

2 pages

 Trombone, sub. bari sax part:

2 pages

 Percussion part:

6 pages

 Electric piano part:

6 pages

 Guitars 1 & 2 part:

6 pages

 Electric bass part:

5 pages

 Drums part:

4 pages

 Violin 1 part:

4 pages

 Violin 2 part:

4 pages

 Viola part:

4 pages

 Cello part:

4 pages

 Keyboard string reduction part:

5 pages

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