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Sonata Op.13 "Pathetique" (NEW EDITION) sheet music for piano solo by Ludwig van Beethoven, classical score, advanced skill level
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Basic Score Info
Skill Level: advanced
Duration: 17' 37"
Note Range: F1-F6
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Virtual Sheet Music item
Sonata Op.13

"Pathetique" (NEW EDITION)

by Ludwig van Beethoven for piano solo

Cover icon of Sonata Op.13 "Pathetique" (NEW EDITION) sheet music for piano solo by Ludwig van Beethoven, classical score, advanced skill level


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User Rating: Rating: 5 (18 user reviews)
"A well laid out score, very easy to read. My old score went to visit Beethoven when it was in a flood. This enables me to revise my playing of it. Had it all from memory at one time, but advancing age means I need the dots now." [show more]

About "Sonata Op.13"

High-quality Digital sheet music for piano, "Pathetique", NEW EDITION, fingerings included.

Publisher: Virtual Sheet Music

This item includes: PDF (digital sheet music to download and print), Interactive Sheet Music (for online playing, transposition and printing), Practice Videos, Videos, MIDI and Mp3 audio files*
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piano solo
Skill Level:
Key Signatures:
Eb major, Ab major, C minor
Time Signatures:
4/4, 2/4, 2/2
♩=32-196 BPM (real metronome 40-192 BPM)
17' 37"
29 (actual music: 26 pages)
Note Range:

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Grave Allegro
Adagio Cantabile
Rondo Allegro
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Reviews about Sonata Op.13:

Rating: 5 An easy to read score. by  * VSM MEMBER * on September 2020
A well laid out score, very easy to read. My old score went to visit Beethoven when it was in a flood. This enables me to revise my playing of it. Had it all from memory at one time, but advancing age means I need the dots now.
Rating: 5 Lovely piece, and surprisingly hard! by  * VSM MEMBER * on July 2019
Beethoven is always a showstopper, but this piece should be a or even more famous than Fur Elise because if it's beauty. If your wondering, yes this is the piece they played I Jurassic Park the lost world! The fingering and layout is great as always!
Rating: 5 A treasure trove by  * VSM MEMBER * on July 2019
What a great source for sheet music. At an earlier time in my life I played piano and had accumulated a large collection of sheet music. Thinking I was done I gave the music to a music teacher friend. Years later I have come back to piano and it is great to be able to replace most of my favorites pieces.
Rating: 5 Beethovan Sonata Op.13 was an inspiration by  * VSM MEMBER * on April 2017
The Beethoven Pathetique is a gratifying challenge for me. Chopin and Mendelsohn have been my most played Virtual Sheet Music choices to date. However, other composers do inspire me to practice a variety of styles. We have several young (13-17) grandchildren who have been visiting us during Easter break. Most of them play instruments including the piano. Darcy, a very talented flute player had given up the piano over a year ago. Happily, after hearing me practice the 1st & 2nd movement, she has gone back to playing the piano, and wants to accompany me on the cello.
Rating: 5 tough by on December 2012
Yikes, this piece was a LOT tougher than I'm used to.
Got any easier versions ?!
But, you guys rock: getting the music so quick and easy was such a treat !!!

If I were to add any suggestions: it would be
1. offer easier versions ( for us light-weight beginners)
2. do like Amazon, and make suggestions for other pieces based on what we buy

thanks !
Rating: 5 Pathetique one of my favourites by on April 2010
The ease of purchsing this piece of sheet music was ideal for me (an older person) I put my recording on and picked out the section I liked best.
I was able to bind these pages into my colection. And am practicing most days Such joy.
Rating: 5 Pathetique by  * VSM MEMBER * on June 2009
There's a grace note in "Adagio Cantatible" after the 2nd part.
Rating: 5 A Worthwhile Challenge by on January 2008
I have been practicing this piece for the past year and a half. Nothing has been as great a challenge for me as a pianist for the past fourteen years; at the same time, no other piece has provoked such powerful emotions (1st movement), such beautiful pondering (2nd movement), and such playful elegance (the final movement). My favorite movement, by far, is the first. This movement provokes every possible feeling in the sphere of pathos (suffering)--i.e. depression, adrenaline, occasional reluctant acceptance, and an overall raging denial. The most powerful expression of human mortality ever set to music.
Rating: 4 Quite a good piece by on November 2007
it is sort of difficult at first, except the second movement. I would rate it five if it wasn't so sad. Well as most of Beethoven's works are. The third movement is sooo awesome!!! Why would they have created a rap version of it in the first place??:>
Rating: 5 Awesome by on August 2007
Great Deal, even if you aren't a member. Awesome piece by Beethoven, one of my favorites!

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