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Concerto in D major Op.35 (New Edition), interactive sheet music
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Rating: 5 Excellent package by Rich on June 6, 2013 @2:31 pm PST
It was great to find this package for Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto in D major. I had purchased the full score with the intent of creating a piano rendition of the concerto. However, working with the full score was too difficult for my abilities. Finding this version which had a piano version of the orchestral part already there and both the piano part and the solo part together on the page, made my task attainable. Having the midi version also allowed me to play it (using Sibelius) and see the music on the score as it played.
Rating: 5 Amazing! by Will on April 3, 2010 @8:37 am PST
Tchaikovsky is brilliant! So many emotions wrapped in one amazing piece of music! I have my heart set on learning this as soon as possible!
I highly recommend Janine Jansen's version of this piece. Sheer brilliance!
Rating: 5 Excellent by angelika * VSM MEMBER * on August 21, 2008 @5:33 am PST
This piece is very hard but very beautiful once mastered. Not a begginers piece but it is great to hear it being played by someone with great skills on the violin. I would recommend Vadim Gluzman recording it is the best i have ever heard!
Rating: 5 One of those big stuff out there by Sean Hsu * VSM MEMBER * on May 23, 2008 @8:41 pm PST
This is one of the "untouchable" stuff for us music students, until the time is ready - tells you how hard this is. I played this last semester (in the orchestra, double bass section), and was never moved so much at the solo violin entrance in the third movement then ever before.
Rating: 5 Highly advanced, but lovely music! by Kombo Kim on June 13, 2007 @6:51 pm PST
This concerto is probably the best violin concertos of the Romantic Period. With an exciting melody filled with difficult repositores, you won't be disappointed with this song.
Rating: 5 Superior! by Isaiah Ortega * VSM MEMBER * on October 21, 2006 @10:26 pm PST
This is a very effective concerto. Beautiful and exciting melody. Right after I heard it, I immediately downloaded it because I HAVE to play this myself!
Rating: 5 Beautiful by R on September 22, 2006 @5:21 pm PST
A truly beautiful concerto.
Rating: 5 Amazing by Ryan on June 25, 2006 @6:24 pm PST
The Tchaikovsky violin concerto is one of the most famous violin concertos of all time. Once dubbed "unplayable" by Leopold Auer, this concerto has evolved into "The Concerto everyone wants to play". This was the only violin concerto written by Tchaikovsky and was debuted on December 4, 1881 by a 19 year old violinist named Adlof Brodsky, with the Vienna Philharmonic. I highly rate this amazing concerto.

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