Robert Estrin - piano expert

Schumann: Scenes from Childhood, part 2

Second part of of an extensive piano lesson on famous pieces by Schumann

In this second video, Robert continues his lesson on the famous Scenes from Childhood by Robert Schumann, also known as "Kinderszenen." Another real treat!

Released on April 30, 2014

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Richard Blocher on May 18, 2014 @3:23 pm PST

Such beauty, comes from the Heart.
Kathy P * VSM MEMBER * on May 1, 2014 @2:36 pm PST
MUSIC. I enjoyed not only hearing you play this lovely piece, but watching you play it as well. With no piano teacher it helps to see and hear what the music is trying to accomplish.
Robert - host, on May 2, 2014 @11:38 am PST
This is why we produce this content - glad to hear it!
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