Robert Estrin - piano expert

How to add color to your music - Part 1

A simple approach to add color and passion to your music playing.

In this video, Robert gives you an easy way to add color to any kind of music. A simple Mozart sonata, like the one featured in this video (Sonata in C major K545), is a perfect place to start!

Released on January 1, 2014

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Sheila Stufflebeam on June 12, 2014 @10:23 am PST
I love your tutorials on playing the piano! My only suggestion is Doing more videos for people, like me, who have not been classically trained. I hope this question isn't an insult to you, but could you do any videos on lounge or cocktail music? You have an amazing gift for teaching! My background is playing church hymns for church, and with no color to them. Your teaching videos are amazing, thank you for making them!
Robert - host, on June 12, 2014 @3:22 pm PST
We may offer guest artists to offer tips on other styles of music for you. Stay tuned!
Roberta Kelly * VSM MEMBER * on January 8, 2014 @10:17 am PST
Robert, I have been playing piano for 60 years and wish I had seen this video 50 years ago. The difference in the sound was amazing, and I appreciated the techniques involved, rather trying to just evoke something from my soul.
Helena boggia on January 1, 2014 @5:28 am PST
Oh yes, what a difference....I have to remember to give my pieces more colour. Thank you Robert and have a wonderful new year
Ross Parsai * VSM MEMBER * on January 1, 2014 @3:38 am PST
I really enjoy watching your "How To" piano series. You make everything look so simple and easy. You are a super communicator when it comes to teaching music. Thank you!
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