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Sonata in B minor BWV 1030 (NEW EDITION) sheet music for flute and piano by Johann Sebastian Bach, classical score, intermediate skill level
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Basic Score Info
Skill Level: intermediate
Duration: 17' 17"
Note Range: B2-G6
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Sonata in B minor BWV 1030 (NEW EDITION)

by Johann Sebastian Bach for flute and piano

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User Rating: Rating: 5 (2 user reviews)
"I love the song, and was thrilled to be able to accompany the recording that I had. One down point is the amount of pages. If the amount could be less, it would be great-er." [show more]

About "Sonata in B minor"

High quality Digital sheet music for flute and piano, BWV 1030, New Edition, this new edition includes some fixings in the Largo and Presto movements of the flute part.

Publisher: Virtual Sheet Music

This item includes: PDF (digital sheet music to download and print), Interactive Sheet Music (for online playing, transposition and printing), MIDI and Mp3 audio files (including Mp3 music accompaniment tracks to play along)*
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flute and piano
Skill Level:
Key Signatures:
B minor, D major
Time Signatures:
4/4, 6/8, 2/2
♩=20-230 BPM (real metronome 40-208 BPM)
17' 17"
Parts included:
9 pages [note range]
22 pages [note range]
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Reviews about Sonata in B minor:

Rating: 4 Challenging but rewarding by  * VSM MEMBER * on March 2019
One of the great flute sonatas of J. S. Bach. For the treble recorder, it includes that annoying top F# and some of the runs pose a considerable challenge to the player, especially if performed at tempo. One little gripe: I noticed a few mistakes in the note spelling which hopefully will be corrected in the next edition.
Fabrizio Ferrari - moderator and CEO, on March 2019
Hi Robin and thank you for your review.

I am sorry to learn you found some mistakes, could you please tell me more about it? We are willing to fix them right away.

Thank you again.

All the best,
Robin * VSM MEMBER * on March 2019
Ciao, Fabrizio,

Regarding the mistakes in the Bach Flute Sonata, BWV 1030:
1. Largo mvt - Bar 6, the 3rd last demisemiquaver should be a G natural. I checked the autograph version which is not very clear on the note spelling here, I also listened to two performances of the work, in both of which the note is played as a natural. Given that the harmony in Bar 6 ends in the dominant, it seems obvious that the G sharp should be naturalised so the music can return to the tonic key of D major in Bar 7.

2. Presto mvt: The F sharp at the beginning of Bar 48 should be a G natural to continue the three-bar sequence started in Bar 47 and continued in subsequent bars with the tied A and B.

What do you think?

Thanks for your response to my review. It is really gratifying to see how seriously you take the layout and accuracy of the music you are making available to the public.

All the best,

Fabrizio Ferrari - moderator and CEO, on March 2019
Ciao Robin and thank you so much for your provided details!

Indeed, quality is paramount for us. Therefore any feedback about mistakes or imperfections is very, very welcome!

About your first reported issue, I agree with you that most performances play that G as a natural G, but from the original manuscript is actually not clear. Bach specified the G sharp in the previous two Gs of that bar, but not in that one, which could be because it is actually intended to be a "natural" or... he just left that out for whatever reason? From the harmonic standpoint, the G sharp could actually be more correct because it'd be a classical Bach's progression if you look at the subsequent melodic lines. Pretty typical in Bach's repertoire.

In any case, the new edition we have just published (which replaces the old one) includes a natural sign in parenthesis with a note about its possible interpretation.

About your second issue, that's clearly a mistake. Fixed in this new edition as well.

We have also added Scorch files for online transposition for this piece as well. Just refresh your browsers' page and you should see (and be able to download) the new version.

Please, let me know if you have any further questions and/or thoughts, I love to discuss these musical matters.

All the best,
Rating: 5 Great song!!!!!!!!!! by on August 2006
I love the song, and was thrilled to be able to accompany the recording that I had. One down point is the amount of pages. If the amount could be less, it would be great-er.

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