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About Payments
Is sheet music distributed at a price?

      Almost all music is available for purchase at very reasonable prices and therefore affordable to everyone. All the prices are in USD (US dollars). Some compositions are available at no charge in the Free Sheet Music page which is regularly updated. You can also Become a Member to enjoy exclusive benefits such as access all of the Virtual Sheet Music® High Quality digital editions for free, or access all other repertoire with exclusive discounts you can't find anywhere else! Learn More about the Membership and its exclusive benefits.

What payment methods are available?

      Virtual Sheet Music accepts payment using all major credit/debit cards: (VISA, MC, AMERICAN EXPRESS, etc.), money orders or check payments (available for US customers only). PayPal® payments are also accepted. If you want to use an alternative method of payment, please contact us.

How will my purchase get charged to my credit card or checking account?

      Virtual Sheet Music currently utilizes PayPal® Payflow gateway service (formerly managed by VeriSign®) for its own credit/debit card as well for regular PayPal® transactions. You will see a charge by 'VIRTUALSHEETMUSIC' for all credit/debit cards and on-line checks transactions or by 'PAYPAL' for all PayPal® transactions on your credit card or checking account statement.

Is my credit/debit card or check information secure?

      Virtual Sheet Music transmits credit/debit card or check information through PayPal® Payflow gateway service (formerly managed by VeriSign®) using HTTPS (Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol), developed by Netscape and now built into Microsoft and Netscape browsers. This protocol uses the open Secure Socket Layer (SSL) under the HTTP application layer to encrypt and decrypt user page requests, as well as the pages that are returned by the web server. Today, SSL uses a 1024-bit RSA key length for the encryption algorithm. This system is widely considered to provide more than adequate security for commercial purposes, and is the de facto standard for transactional websites. Our SSL certificate is assured by VeriSign Inc. authority.

Can Virtual Sheet Music issue a refund?

      Certainly. Virtual Sheet Music can refund any purchase to his customers. Conforming to the new Visa/MasterCard regulations, the refund period is limited to 90 days after purchase. If you need a refund, please contact us from the E-Mail Us page with your Order/Receipt Number and the date of your purchase. We will be happy to satisfy all your needs!

Why there are not shipping charges?

      Because we sell only digital sheet music for instant download, no shipping is necessary. You buy, download and print your sheet music in a matter of minutes! Our editions are pure digital sheet music editions which print out quality is often better than traditional sheet music editions such as Peters, Dover, etc. To learn more about our digital sheet music editions, please read the corresponding FAQs.

How can I retrieve an item I have just purchased?

      Nothing is more simple! To retrieve a recently purchased PDF music file from our server, just start from this page and enter your purchase order/receipt number. You will be able to retrieve your items instantly and download them on your computer again. If you encounter difficulty, don't hesitate to contact us.

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